Firmware Downloads

This is the software that runs on the HackerLights controllers. New firmware can add new features. Firmware can always be reverted to older versions, if necessary.

The best way to install these is with XLoader (Windows only). Mac and Linux users can use the "avrdude" command, or search for "avrdude gui" for their operating system (todo - have a solution here!).

Use these settings:

  • Microprocessor: Nano / ATmeta328
  • Baud: 57600
  • Port: (varies - find the port that appears when you plug your HackerLights board in)

If you have trouble flashing the board after verifying all of these settings, try removing any other connection from the board - power, serial, servo, LEDs, etc.

If you want to see which version you're running, hold down the button while powering your controller on, and some LEDs connected. The number of blue lights is the major version number, and the number of green lights is the minor number.

Current Version

  • hackerlights-2.02.hex
    - fixed bug with different-sized channels
    - initial serial API support
    - improved CPU efficiency
    - more stable output frame rate

Previous Versions

  • hackerlights-2.01.hex
    - Initial 2.xx software release. Complete rewrite from the ground up to make the code more modular and more maintainable.