Recommended Parts

The HackerLights system is fundamentally a combination of three parts: LED Strips, the HackerLights controller, and a power supply.

Some of these products are available at our store, but others are compatible. This isn't an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will provide a foundation for spec'ing out your system.

LED Strips

The key label to look for here is WS2812B. There are many types of motion light strips, and not all are compatible. HackerLights supports light strips using the WS2812B chipset, which is known to be more reliable than many of it's competitors, and uses a convenient one-wire communication protocol.

There aren't specific products to recommend, just many different version of the LED Strips and other LED configurations. Searching supplies for WS2812B is the best way to go:

To narrow that down a bit, the two basic types are 5-meter, 30 LED-per-meter, Waterproof ("IP20") and Nonwaterproof ("IP67"). Here's a link to purchase those from overseas:

Power Supplies

LED Strips run off of 5 volts DC, and can use a lot of current, typically peaking at 3 amps per meter of LEDs. This means a single, 5-meter strip can demand 15 amps of current at peak brightness. This rules out using small on-board power supplies, like the one on your combined ESC / BEC.

For DC power, the Castle BEC and Castle BEC Pro are the way to go. These can be purchased from most RC retailers:

For AC power, get a purpose-built high-current power supply, like one of these: